Final Project - Final Week

Demo Day

It’s time to start preparing for Demo Day!

Part of the Demo Day event will be a demonstation and presentation from each team to show what they’ve achieved so far, so you need to prepare for that.

As well as the actual outputs of your project you should be thinking about:

  • What have you learned, personally and as a team? This can be related to technology, product, process, ...
  • Which parts did you find most enjoyable and/or interesting? Has that impacted what you’re thinking about in terms of careers or next steps? How?
  • How did you find collaborating as a team? What was made easier or harder by working with others, compared to working largely on your own?
  • How happy are you with where you got to? What did the users think? What part of the product would you build next, if you had more time?

Try to show the journey, not just the destination - if you have pictures of early sketches or screenshots from previous builds of app, for example, you can use those to tell a story about how you approached the project and the progress you’ve made behind the scenes. This isn’t always obvious to less technical members of the audience, so it’s important to be able to illustrate the work you’ve put in.

We’ll do a run through of your presentation at the end of this session in front of the rest of the class, to give you a chance to practice it, instead of the regular demo.

Also identify any final work that’s needed to wrap up what you’ve built. Try to make this as small as possible, e.g. just bug fixes and visual improvements; you need to be very confident that you can get it all implemented and integrated before the graduation and demo event.

Peer Assessment

As we're reaching the end of the project we want to see how people have done.

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