Final Project Roles

In the Final Project we have several roles that volunteers and students should adopt.

These roles should in total create a balanced team. Each team must have at least one of each of the below roles.

Volunteer Roles

Project Manager // Scrum Master

Time Commitment: One day a week plus ~4 hours during the week

Scrum Masters are expected to coordinate the team and make sure everyone knows what they are working on. They can provide support in

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Working with the team to create and update tasks on Trello
  • Introducing and enforcing Agile practices (e.g. sprint planning, retros)

Teaching Assistant

Time Commitment: One day a week plus ~4 hours during the week

Teaching assistant provide technical support to the students as they are developing their projects. They can provide support in

  • Architecture of the application
  • Helping to solve specific implementation problems
  • Helping to solve specific bugs or errors
  • Providing overview of the entire project

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designers are spread across multiple teams

UI/UX'ers will provide their expertise in supporting the UI/UX students in each team. The can provide support in

  • Developing simple UI for the applications
  • Providing support on answering UX issues
  • Giving advice on how to better design an application to our teams

Student Roles

All students in project teams are expected - and required - to contribute to programming some area of the application.

In addition to building the application each student must fulfil one of the following roles. The student must complete the standard requirements and is encouraged to try the advanced requirements.

Product Manager (PM)

The Product Manager has the responsibility of

  • Coordinating the team to present their progress to the rest of the class
  • Reporting back to people involved with the progress of the project


  • Working with the Scrum Master to coordinate the team
  • Coordinating and chairing meetings
  • Assigning tasks to teammates

Quality Assurance (QA)

The QA person has the responsibility of

  • Conducting manual testing on the application to find bugs
  • Recording bugs that are found in the application
  • Make sure the application meets accessibility criteria


  • Write code that uses automation testing to test the application

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

The UI/UX designer has the responsibility of

  • Making sure the application uses consistent and good styling
  • Making sure the application is easy to use
  • Making sure the application meets accessibility criteria in its design


  • Using design tools to create user interface designs for the application

Development Operations (DevOps)

The DevOps person has the responsibility of

  • Setting up the database and getting it ready to be used
  • Setting up deployment of the website and making sure it keeps on running
  • Make sure the Github Repository is working and well documented


  • Investigating and using automatic deployment for the application

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