Final Project - Week 2 + 3

Demo (60 minutes)

Integrate all of your work together and share your progress so far with the mentors.

Your presentation should last no more than five minutes and could include:

  • Slides detailing what you've done this week
  • UI/UX designs of your project
  • A video of your project
  • A live example of your project

The most important aspect of this presentation is that you are clear and concise. We want to see that you can present yourselves well and communicate information effectively.

At the end of your presentation you will have to answers questions on your project from the rest of the class. This will last for a maximum of five minutes.

Retrospective (30 minutes)

Retro's can help a team focus on what is important and what they can improve for the next week.

  • 5 mins - Individually everybody notes down.
    • You should include:
      • All the things that went well
      • All the things that didn't go well
      • Anything you should
  • 10 minutes - In your groups discuss the ideas raised and group them together
    • Don't talk about solutions yet!
    • Identify key problems
  • 15 mins - talk about solutions and identify actions to tackle problems

User research (30 minutes)

Show what you’ve built and what you’re planning to build next to potential users (other students, mentors, etc.) and use any feedback they have to improve your plans.

Sprint planning (60 minutes)

decide what you’re each going to be doing during the following week and where you want to be by the next class.

Technical support (60 minutes)

mentors will be on hand to help you get unstuck from any blocking technical issues.

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