Final Project Preparation

Project Submissions

Some students may have some ideas about projects that they would like to complete for their Final Project. Before the Final Project starts, ideas should be gathered and fully specified before the start of the first week.

A good project should

  • Show all of the skills the student has learnt at CodeYourFuture so far
  • Be large enough that four people can work on it for 4-6 weeks and still have work to do
  • Be something that the student is passionate about
  • Be interesting to employers
  • Solve a real world problem that you have faced in the past or at CodeYourFuture


Before class starts volunteer and student teams should have been assigned.

You can find an example of the team structure from London Class 6 - here

All students should make sure that they are comfortable with their roles and what they will be required to do. More information about roles can be found here

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