Before starting, please read the following general guidelines and checklist for a lesson. Participate in the discussion if you'd like. There are discussions about each module and every class in a module. Make sure to go through them or add a new issue/discussion point.

To contribute to the Code Your Future syllabus, fork and open a pull request to this repository. Contributions are accepted strictly through approved pull requests, even for administrators of the repo.

Since this repository is the blueprint of our syllabus, we allow different cohorts to adapt to their classes' needs and also update their syllabus versions to reflect how the class goes. We should always make sure master is relevant and up to date for future classes with the feedback from the on-going teaching in each CYF chapter.

A lesson template

Please use the lesson template as a starting point for your new lessons.

Each lesson should follow that format: starting with what we will learn today then class contents, homework and preparation for next class.

The class contents and homework should follow the checklist for a lesson.

Some of the most important guidelines are:

  • Focus on exercises in the class rather than presentations or long explanations
  • Prefer pointers to good documentation over explaining everything in the lesson itself
  • The homework should be relevant, get harder gradually with an (optional) stretch goal for more advanced students.

Add new modules or lessons

The repo is stuctured as module-name\week-number. Add your content in the correct file.

If you've added a new file, add it as new entry in to show it in the sidebar. If the module contains many individual markdown files, add them as nested bullets.

Publish the Gitbook

A Gitbook for each branch is published automatically on each push.

You can also run Gitbook locally:

npm install && npm run serve

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